Thank you for your continued support

Exciting changes are coming for Kody’s Closet!!  We have asked Perspectives, Inc., an award winning, multi-program, human service agency for woman and their children suffering from addictions, mental illness, and poverty to take over operations of Kody’s Closet.  This was a very big decision for us and one we feel best for Kody’s Closet.

Perspectives provides extensive services spanning from recovery and mental health programs to employment and parenting education.  It is also the only supportive housing program that provides a 12-month, in-house academic, social, and nutritional enrichment program for children.  They provide recovery services, housing and counseling to get the families back into the community.  To learn more about Perspectives, please click on the logo below.

Perspectives will have a Kody’s Closet located in the recreational room for teens in their current family center as well as another located at their campus where families reside.  In 2018, Perspectives is building a new family center and will be dedicating an entire room to Kody Thorn.  The room will be named, “Kody’s Kids” and will house closets filled with hygiene and personal care items for kids to take when needed.  We are extremely grateful to be able to transfer our operations over to a non-profit that has also been helping at-risk children and the fact that their mothers will benefit also just makes it that much better.

Until the end of the 2015 – 2016 school session, Kody’s Closet continued to offer free hygiene and personal care products to at-risk youth in 19 separate schools across the metro area.  Going forward, the products will be made available to mothers and their children through Perspectives’ services and programs.  The closets currently kept in each of the 19 schools will be donated to those schools to allow them to continue to offer products to the kids or for use as they see fit.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for all of your support.  It is appreciated more than you will ever know.  You are a huge contributor to the success and continued growth of Kody’s Closet.  I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to help so many children in need and thrilled to have helped to raise awareness as well as provide free hygiene and personal care items to those who go without.

Thank you for your continued support.
Kody's Closet